Congratulations Jaden!
2020 Graduate of:

We are so very proud to celebrate the graduation of our son Jaden who has completed his undergraduate studies with a double major in Linguistics and Engineering Sciences.
Congratulations on this milestone accomplishment!

A Message from Mom

A mother knows her child from deep within her soul.
The bond between them early is one no one else will know.

A mother shares each drop of pain that her child feels,
And revels in the joy he has as each dream of his turns real.

The dreams we have come true not because we wish them,
but because we DO.

You, my son, are a doer. You put forth effort and you persevere.
As you flow with an open heart and mind, your magic will appear.

Your smile lights up the world, and you have a loving heart that heals,
Your spiritual nature wants the highest good to be revealed.

As you take steps on your new path, be adventurous and brave,
Trust yourself, let your light shine bright, and you’ll never go astray.

When your actions match your values, your authenticity is clear.
Then blend the things you love in life and you’ll find your new career.

As for me, I’ll be with you always, because your mother’s love is strong.
No matter where you are or what you do, in my heart you have a home.

I love you forever Jaden ~ Mom